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Image manipulation...

So, another reason why I love what I do is because I can deceive you!


Obviously, I don’t mean that I want to deceive you in a way that is detrimental to a business relationship; I mean I love to chop, overlay, duplicate, blend and more to visually deceive you, and I do this within Photoshop. Again, this is where my need and understanding photography becomes a great advantage.

I have been tampering with images in a digital sense since 1992, and pretty much all of them have then been used in literature such as adverts or brochures which I have produced in the graphic design process. A great example of how I am able to offer a full service to equal any agency.

I have always enjoyed editing images, especially so that the observer is unable to tell if the finished result was one single image or a result of several images stitched together. That’s where most of my image manipulation experience lies, creating believable images to the degree that the observer doesn’t even know it’s a doctored image.

Whether it is meant to portray real life or depict a fantasy world, the finished article needs to be in perspective, have complimentary tones and lighting, and simply be harmonious.

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