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There are many ‘one-man bands’ pretending to be a big agency. It does impress new customers, but why hide the truth about something that will inevitably be discovered. If I choose to embellish such a fact, what else could I be stretching the truth about?

No, I am not hiding behind an agency façade; however, I do deliver the same results as an agency. When a project is briefed into an agency, it is normally to an account handler. The account handler will often brief a creative director, who in turn will brief the designer… Before the design process has begun, clients are paying for the involvement of three people, however,  the design work is invariably produced by one person – the designer – who has received the brief third-hand, and possibly due to the effect of Chinese whispers, the designer has received an inadequate or even incorrect brief!

So, how do I differ? Well, apart from knowing my software inside out, I take the brief myself, sometimes sketching ideas as they come to me during the briefing, I then work on that project and deliver it back to the client. It’s exactly the same process as that found in an agency apart from the direct contact – and the price – I am dramatically cheaper. This allows me to build a relationship with my clients’ that helps me to understand more about their requirements meaning we are singing from the same hymn sheet!

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