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My tune...

I like technology, I like creativity and I like keeping fit…

So, my liking for technology means that I am constantly buying the latest hardware. The computers’ I use benefit from a huge amount of disk space and an unheard of amount of RAM to ensure that the software that I use runs at it’s fastest and most efficient.

My liking for creativity leads me to use the most up-to-date creative software, and it is a passion of mine to know that software inside out. I know it so well that I am used by hardware and software giants, such as Adobe, to demonstrate their products at trade shows and train their customers up and down the country. You don’t get to represent such companies if your knowledge of their products is limited. I need to show other design teams how they can increase and improve their workflow, improve their creativity and save their clients’ money while still enabling them to remain profitable.

And where does keeping fit slot in? I work so damned hard that keeping fit helps to maintain energy levels in order to get work done on time.

I have never missed a deadline where a client has adhered to schedules. And, even when a client has overrun, I have often managed to increase the tempo to recover time lost.

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