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OK, I don’t tend to push this side of my business too much – it just happens – but due to the skills I have at image retouching, the requirement for me to take a photo (and know how to) does exist. I am not claiming to be a professional photographer, but I often find that I am able to take a more imaginative approach to photography when compared to a dedicated professional photographer.

Because I have an idea on what I want a design to look like, say, a spread in a publication, I understand exactly what I want from a picture. It’s easier for me to take the photo rather than commission a photographer and explain what I have in my minds eye.

Where I work is a purpose built studio, purpose built for photography. It is entirely white, even the floor. Corners are rounded to eradicate harsh shadows, the floor is white and where the floor meets the walls, it is also rounded – so, purpose built and ideal for small product photography or even portrait photography – all to enhance and expedite the design of publications, directories, adverts, web sites… in fact, anywhere you might consider using a photo to make your designs sing out aloud.

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