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Brochure websites, e-commerce websites, email newsletters, fully editable surveys enabling you find out more about your customers en mass... whatever is needed, I can design and develop it for you.

A website should be designed with the user in mind. One may also need to consider a design for the multitude of devices that a website can be viewed upon. No matter what the device, a website needs to have a user-friendly interface, and so by default be easy to navigate to a point that a user can enjoy the experience of your website without realising... conversely, a user will always know when they are not enjoying their experience... in fact, I have received feedback from clients to confirm this.

One client, who is very hard to please, gave this feedback (unedited) by email:

"Both me and Morg have had a good look at the site and we are very impressed. The design is very nice and clean and it is very easy to navigate through. My only comment is that a search bar might be useful somewhere. But as the site is very user-friendly it may not even be needed. We find a search bar useful because we can see what people are searching for on the site and helps us chose new products - not sure if this is much use now though.

All in all though, we can't find anything wrong with it! Very impressive site and much better than the old one!"

Another client decided to move an annual competition to entirely on-line submissions. Entries come from around the world and it requires each entrant to make payment online, submit their entry directly to a database in readiness for judging. It's simplified to such a degree that formatting of entries requires no knowledge of HTML.  As always, 90 per cent of entries are submitted at the last minute, but the system allows for hundreds of entries to be processed in a few days rather than weeks.

The client received a great response to this facility:

"My compliments on your online entry kit. It has been a very efficient way to access information this year. And I really appreciate you all allowing bank transfers – this is very helpful for offices in Asia Pacific."

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